3 trade destinations for the starting pitchers the Mets are reportedly willing to deal

These three MLB teams could use one of the Mets pitchers on their roster.
New York Mets v Texas Rangers
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David Stearns might be pulling some trade deadline trickery this summer by selling a starting pitcher while also looking to compete for a playoff spot. The idea of the New York Mets trading Luis Severino feels unacceptable. Sean Manaea is someone many of us would be more open to. Jose Quintana would have volunteers for drivers.

All three veterans on expiring contracts with Manaea possessing a player option for next year are candidates to get moved. If the Mets are truly willing to subtract one while also hoping to compete for a Wild Card spot, it’s these three teams who make the most sense.

Importantly, none of the three on this list would face the Mets in the postseason until a possible World Series match. Let’s send guys to the American League.

1) Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles actually have one of the better starting staffs in MLB this season. Anchored by Corbin Burnes at the top, their problem has been keeping guys healthy. John Means and Tyler Wells were already lost for the year. Kyle Bradish was the latest to join them.

This hasn’t stopped the Orioles from winning and making New York Yankees fans sweat. From top to bottom, this feels like a team that could win it all. Some starting pitching reinforcements, however, might be necessary to get through the last three months of the season.

The best fit for Baltimore is probably Severino whose upside and familiarity with the American League must have some sort of advantage. Severino pitching against the Chicago Cubs instead of his former Yankees club this week is surely disappointing for everyone. This includes the Orioles who’d probably like to know what he could do against their biggest competition. Then again, the Yankees not getting a close look at Severino might work to everyone’s advantage.

In either case, the Orioles probably don’t want Quintana. Manaea might be someone they’d consider. Severino is a match.