Mets trade deadline targets: 3 prospect positions to focus on for a better farm system

Three positions for the Mets to stack their attention on at this year's trade deadline.
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3) Mets can still benefit from more outfielders in the pipeline

The Mets have quite a few outfielders already in the farm system. Plus, with Brandon Nimmo locked up long-term, there’s on less spot available. It’s easy to plug in a bunch of the current Mets prospects into the other two outfield spots. However, with Luisangel Acuna or Jett Williams probably more bound to play second base, Drew Gilbert is far and away the only outfield prospect who seems like a sure thing to have a major league roster spot in the next year.

The Mets have given away far too many outfield prospects in trades. Jarred Kelenic. Pete Crow-Armstrong. The former has developed into more of a platoon player while the latter remains a Four-A player working his way into a major league role. It wouldn’t hurt to have either back even in their current buffering mode.

There are more than enough second base options for the Mets already present. First base? Let’s leave that for a proven MLB hitter whether it’s Pete Alonso or someone else. There is rarely a need to add a first base prospect in a trade. This is a final resting place for players who originally had a different position to land.

If the Mets come away from the trade deadline with a third base prospect, an outfielder, and a whole bunch of pitching, we’ll be satisfied. Of course, the talent level matters much more.