Mets trade deadline targets: 3 prospect positions to focus on for a better farm system

Three positions for the Mets to stack their attention on at this year's trade deadline.
New York Mets v St. Louis Cardinals
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2) Mets need to add pitching in every way they can

Written in every religious doctrine known to man is the phrase “you can never have too much pitching.” It’s a common-knowledge fact translated in all languages. Confucius famously noted how it’s pitching that wins championships.

As high on the Mets pitching prospects as many are, the team has only one guy in the top 100, Christian Scott. Others could eventually get there. He is, after all, a bit of an overachiever based on his draft position.

Adding a left-handed pitcher isn’t necessary, but would be great to bring in as their current top 30 according to doesn’t include a single southpaw. More important than handedness is talent. So if it’s nothing but some right-handed pitchers the Mets bring in, we should accept it.

Pitching prospects will be a major focus for all trade deadline sellers. After not adding any in 2023 at the deadline, the farm system seems a little less balanced. We can’t blame Billy Eppler for failing to add arms because they come at such a higher cost. Prone to getting injured more often, teams are hesitant to deal away their gems. Half of an MLB roster is made up of pitchers. You need a lot of them.

The Mets probably won’t achieve a goal of adding any higher-end pitching prospects which isn’t the end of the world. A mix of lower-level prospects or MLB-ready relievers might be solid enough. The Mets could use Colin Holderman back with the organization.