Despite all the rage, the Mets ended up making necessary trades

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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And what do New York Mets fans get, for all of those years of pain? Billy Eppler didn’t betray our desires. He’s still looking to win some games. Even though I know, I suppose I’ll show you exactly what they did at this year’s MLB trade deadline.

Despite all the rage, the Mets ended up making some necessary trades. Someone on Twitter will say those weaknesses of the team can never be saved. Despite all the rage, it’s time to move on from the trade deadline and turn the page.

Let’s recap what they did.

NY Mets began by trading for Daniel Vogelbach

The trade deadline kicked off with the Mets traded for the left-handed hitting Daniel Vogelbach. Immediately viewed as a DH option and likely replacement on the roster for Dominic Smith, he’s a one-tool weapon Buck Showalter could start against righties or have come off the bench late. Initial reactions to this trade were mostly positive except for the fact that many fans were enjoying what Colin Holderman had been doing out of the bullpen.

NY Mets added catching depth with Michael Perez

There isn't much to say about the addition of Michael Perez. He's catching depth the team would probably open admit they would never use unless they need to. This wasn't a good or bad trade. It was just something that happened one summer.

NY Mets surprised us all when they traded for Tyler Naquin

The second addition the Mets made was for outfielder Tyler Naquin. Another lefty, he was the upgrade over Travis Jankowski. At the time of the trade, many weren’t so sure what to make of it. This was a more minor move than the big splash fans were waiting for. Looking at it from a simple standpoint of depth and that all the Mets gave up were two prospects none of us were familiar with, it’s fair to say they did the right thing in going after him.

NY Mets began to underwhelm us with the trade for Darin Ruf

This is where the Mets began to lose me. Darin Ruf cost them four players? For J.D. Davis and maybe one prospect could make sense as they'd be looking to make a lateral upgrade. It doesn't feel like a big enough of an improvement for the Mets to use this many resources. Was Davis' value that low? What about the three minor leaguers the Mets dealt to the San Francisco Giants? Feel free to smash some pumpkins in retaliation following this trade.

NY Mets made a late move for Mychal Givens

The Mets needed to upgrade their bullpen. With only about 5 minutes before the 6pm deadline, a trade for Mychal Givens was announced. He'll be a nice right-handed upgrade for them. It's hard to really hate this move. Bullpen was their biggest need. And while he wasn't necessarily the best option out there, he is an upgrade.

A lot of fans aren't feeling so happy right now. I can't blame them. There was no big splash. The necessary trades were there but that extra push toward a major move never happened. This morning, you may feel a little melancholy. Only a championship can save you from the infinite sadness of the Mets missing out on the big pieces they were after.

I still believe that the season can be saved.

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