3 Mets trade deadline predictions one month before the clock strikes 6pm

One month to go. What will the Mets do at the trade deadline?
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The MLB trade deadline is officially one month away. On July 30, 2024 at 6pm, the chance to significantly improve your roster from outside of the organization disappears. Well, there’s always the Los Angeles Angels placing everyone on waivers to help out, too. The New York Mets cannot count on that to happen again. We’re a true month away from this team being whatever the best version can become.

What will the Mets do at this year’s trade deadline? Positioned much better to buy than to sell, they still feel like a team that’ll do very little. They’ll be active in some ways, but to expect any blockbuster trades might be a bit too unrealistic.

Expect the Mets to attack the trade deadline with paper cut moves rather than aiming directly at the jugular.

1) The Mets will trade for a lefty reliever with sick splits

A lefty reliever seems like a natural trade deadline target for the Mets. Ever since they lost Brooks Raley for the year, the team has relied on Jake Diekman and a group consisting of Danny Young, Josh Walker, and a few others who’ve popped up along the way. Diekman is the “best” of the bunch and unfortunately he is far from reliable.

Left-handed relief pitchers are constantly getting moved at the trade deadline. We should expect the Mets to search high and low for someone new and a little more trustworthy.

A southpaw with some sick splits against left-handed hitters seems to fit what this front office would try to add in. It’ll probably be a player who, when used in the right situations, can perform well. It might even be a guy who is currently in Triple-A for a future trade deadline seller. Someone of the T.J. McFarland ilk is probably the best the Mets would be willing to buy.