Mets trade deadline prediction contest game: Who’s going where?

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets
San Francisco Giants v New York Mets / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages

The MLB trade deadline remains a big mystery for the New York Mets. You can make an argument to sell heavily, lightly, or not at all. Most likely, there’s some sort of subtraction with this roster.

In preparation, several members of the Rising Apple team willfully put their crystal ball reading skills to the test for a trade deadline prediction contest. Given the choice of the 9 most likely to be traded players plus one wild card spot from the field, here’s how the predictions came out:

Who’s winning and can you come up with better predictions?

NY Mets trade deadline prediction contest scoring and player destinations

The scoring works like this: you get 1 point if you predict a player is traded and he is, 1 point if you say he isn’t traded and he stays, an additional 3 points if you guess the correct team, and the real bonus is getting your wild card spot correctly. If the player is traded or you guess a team the Mets make a trade with right, you get 3 points. An additional 2 points are awarded if you get them both.

For a more organized view by player, here’s how it breaks down:

Mark Canha

No trade x3 - Michael Ferro, Matt Franco, Terrence Jordan
Twins x2 - Tim Boyle, Logan Van Dine
Guardians x1 - Josue De Jesus
Diamondbacks x1 - Zach Rotman
Astros x1 - Mike Cahill

Carlos Carrasco

Orioles x3 - Matt Franco, Zach Rotman, Mike Cahill
Diamondbacks x1 - Tim Boyle
Rays x1 - Josue De Jesus
Dodgers x1 - Michael Ferro
Reds x1 - Terrence Jordan
No trade x1 - Logan Van Dine

Omar Narvaez

No trade x8 - Everybody

Tommy Pham

Guardians x3 - Tim Boyle, Matt Franco, Mike Cahill
Rangers x2 - Josue De Jesus, Michael Ferro
Dodgers x1 - Logan Van Dine
Blue Jays x1 - Zach Rotman
Yankees x1 - Terrence Jordan

Brooks Raley

No trade x5 - Logan Van Dine, Matt Franco, Zach Rotman, Terrence Jordan, Mike Cahill
Astros x1 - Tim Boyle
Dodgers x1 - Josue De Jesus
Blue Jays x1 - Michael Ferro

David Robertson

Rays x4 - Tim Boyle, Michael Ferro, Logan Van Dine, Zach Rotman
Diamondbacks x1 - Josue De Jesus
Dodgers x1 - Matt Franco
Astros x1 - Terrence Jordan
Rangers x1 - Mike Cahill

Max Scherzer

No trade x7 -Everyone but...
Diamondbacks x1 - Mike Cahill

Justin Verlander

No trade x8 - Everybody

Daniel Vogelbach

No trade x3 - Michael Ferro, Matt Franco, Zach Rotman
Brewers x3 - Tim Boyle, Terrence Jordan, Mike Cahill
Giants x2 - Josue De Jesus, Logan Van Dine

Other/Wild Card Picks

Tim Boyle - Tim Locastro to the Rangers
Josue De Jesus - Luis Guillorme to the Dodgers
Michael Ferro - Adam Ottavino to the Dodgers
Logan Van Dine - Luis Guillorme to the Giants
Matt Franco - Drew Smith to the Rangers
Zach Rotman - Dominic Leone to the Marlins
Terrence Jordan - Jeff McNeil to the Twins
Mike Cahill - Adam Ottavino to the Rays

There are no exact repeats in the wild card spot with a variety of teams. Everything from a blockbuster Jeff McNeil trade to the Minnesota Twins to an under-the-radar Dominic Leone to the Miami Marlins is there.

Play along at home with us over the next week and a half to see if your score can beat ours.