2 Mets trade deadline needs they must address, 1 they can ignore

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NY Mets trade deadline need to ignore: The DH spot

This isn’t praise for Daniel Vogelbach as much as it is an acknowledgment of all of the other options the Mets have at the DH spot. It doesn’t have to be a one-man job. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

If the Mets have taught us anything recently it’s how much better the team looks when they’re deeper. Role players such as Luis Guillorme and Tim Locastro are nice to have. We should be willing to part with them if it means more everyday-level players on the roster.

There are so many directions the Mets can go at the DH spot without having to overpay. Francisco Alvarez. Mark Vientos. A rotation of a different player every night. What’s to stop the Mets from making a trade for a corner outfielder only for Mark Canha and Starling Marte to see more action in the DH spot?

The Mets should be open to a lot of necessary changes to the lineup. What they can completely ignore are all of those one-dimensional types of players. It hasn’t worked out perfectly with Vogelbach due to his limitations. We know what a disaster Darin Ruf was.

Instead, search for a different kind of upgrade. Get a real position player that fits your needs. Don’t even shy away from a shortstop who could always play some second base and allow Jeff McNeil to move to a corner outfield position on a more permanent basis. Just don’t make it Javier Baez again. As great as he was between the lines, the space between the ears isn’t what this team needs.