3 way too early trade deadline additions the Mets will need to address

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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2) NY Mets will need a slugger, preferably one who can do more than DH

How will the Daniel Vogelbach platoon with Tommy Pham turn out? In a simulated baseball world where nerds rule the roost, probably pretty well.

Vogelbach has a reputation for hitting well against righties. Pham has done pretty well versus lefties. There might not be a better Felix and Oscar odd couple out there to platoon together. Even their personalities seem a bit different, at least for reputation’s sake.

Even if these two do well, it looks like the Mets are going to need some pop in the order. Brett Baty is definitely a candidate to supply it over at third base. Believing Tim Locastro won’t be with the club all season long, we find another roster spot where the Mets could conceivably fill in with a truer masher.

This isn’t the year to hold onto a hitter like Pham or Vogelbach because they’re performing okay. The DH spot is there for one purpose. Say it with me: ensure one more player on the roster gets paid a high salary.

Not what you said? You probably thought it was to hit baseballs. That is also correct.

Having such little confidence in the DH spot as we do, the hunt for a slugger should begin for Eppler as soon as possible. He doesn’t have to pull the trigger anytime soon. But when he eventually does, let’s hope it’s not another Darin Ruf situation. Go bigger if this is a continued need for this ball club.