4 trade deadline mistakes Billy Eppler must avoid at all costs

New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander
New York Mets Introduce Justin Verlander / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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3) NY Mets trade deadline mistake to avoid: Leave no stone unturned

Vague much? The clichéd term of “leaving no stone unturned” is something we all understand. Look at every option. Fill every needed hole. Etcetera. Etcetera.

The Mets didn’t do this last year. The pitching-needy bullpen added only Mychal Givens to the roster. An unsatisfying addition and more of a sixth-inning arm for games they were on track to lose, they left the big empty hole of not having a lefty reliever upgrade on the roster. It’s not what would eventually cost the Mets the National League East title or drop them in the first round of the playoffs. It definitely didn’t help them to ignore this glaring need.

This year’s Mets team could have a dangerously similar trade deadline approach with smaller additions as opposed to the one big one and more minor pieces around him. An example could be bringing in a backup outfielder and some weak relief pitcher rentals. Eppler should be looking to do something a little bit bigger. Instead of replacing the weak arms in the bullpen, find someone who can give Adam Ottavino, Drew Smith, and other arms we can trust a little more competition.

Critiques of the last two trade deadline approaches could be not getting enough in 2021 around the star and failing to acquire the one huge acquisition in 2022. A single everyday DH would’ve been the target last year as opposed to gambling on a pair to platoon.

This season’s trade deadline needs will depend heavily on the performance of some of the kids. Can we trust Brett Baty to be the answer at third base? Is Francisco Alvarez providing enough offense?

It’s up to the players to deliver on the field while it’s Eppler at the front of deciding who’ll have those responsibilities. Unfortunately, if they don't, it could mean a summer of selling. That brings us to our final mistake to avoid.