Mets Trade Deadline Deal Battle: Marcus Stroman vs. Javier Baez

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In 2019, the New York Mets brought us Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays. Two years later, Javier Baez became a member of the Mets after a trade with the Chicago Cubs.

These were the two biggest additions the Mets made at the trade deadline post-2015. The 2016 trade deadline centered on Jay Bruce, an underperforming for the team down the stretch that season. They followed it up with two straight years of selling at the deadline before buying again in 2019.

While they bring different talents to the field, Stroman and Baez have a lot in common.

Which Mets trade deadline deal will turn out better: Marcus Stroman or Javier Baez?

Stroman spent two and a half years with the Mets but only placed a year and a half for them. He missed all of the 2020 season after opting out following an injury he had suffered in the preseason.

Baez’s time with the Mets was far shorter. Acquired ahead of his free agency, he left the Mets after only two months with the team in 2021. Now a member of the Detroit Tigers, fans of his are surely wishing they had gotten to know him better.

These two big personalities came to the Mets with a lot of hype. They gave us some important moments and each has now fled Queens.

With only a little bit of time on their resumes as a member of the orange and blue and a lot of directions the legacies of these trades can go, I’m curious as to which deadline deal will go down as the better one for the Mets. Considering neither helped win them a championship, maybe it’s as much a matter of which one ends up worse.