3 recent Mets trade deadline deals that aged well, 3 getting worse each day

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NY Mets trade deadline deal looking worse each day: Daniel Vogelbach from the Pirates

Mets fans love to overreact to trades. One of the bigger overreactions came when they swapped reliever Colin Holderman for Daniel Vogelbach. It was as if the team was trading Tom Seaver. Holderman was a good reliever but a movable piece for a ball club looking to upgrade a major hole in the lineup. This is a debatable trade where those who thought it was the wrong move to make probably feel a little more confident in their general manager skills these days.

Vogelbach is still on the Mets but on the “outs” with the fans, management, and anyone else who has ever even seen Citi Field. He was a decent addition for the club in 2022, especially with Holderman not pitching all that well for the Pittsburgh Pirates. However, as many feared, the trade has turned. A pitcher like Holderman is suddenly a much greater need for the Mets than a limited part-time DH like Vogelbach.

The final grade for this trade remains tough to predict with both players actively on the team they were traded to. Pittsburgh looks like the winners right now. Even if Vogelbach does start to hit, he is a frustrating and ill-fitting member of the roster.

The Mets have spent all year trying to find a reliever like Holderman to insert into the bullpen. Soon enough, they could be making a decision about who replaces Vogelbach; if they haven’t already by the time you read this.