Where could the Mets logically add at the trade deadline if they decided to buy?

Where would the Mets add at the trade deadline if they were buyers?
2024 London Series - Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
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Many have accepted the likelihood of the New York Mets selling at the trade deadline. What if the opposite thing were to occur? Very much alive in the National League Wild Card picture, this is a ball club that continually makes moves to show us they have at least some plans of competing for a playoff berth this year.

Selling is easy. Everyone not under contract for next year should be on the trade block. So should some of the others with a deal for next year as well as those whose minor league options have been exhausted.

If the Mets were to surprise and actually buy at the trade deadline, where could they conceivably get better?

The Mets could use another starting pitcher

Kodai Senga returning will “be like adding someone at the trade deadline” as many will remark. Nonetheless, the Mets will want to look to add someone else to a rotation with very few established MLB pitchers. Going on a run with Tylor Megill and/or David Peterson would be fun, but neither seems to have that “it” factor right now to be next level.

Imagine the Mets get to the postseason with Senga and Luis Severino in the rotation and the drop off after. Plus, with the injury histories to these two and just about everyone else they could turn to internally, a starting pitcher upgrade would be a must.

The Mets have room for improvement in the bullpen

Every contender has a need for better relief pitchers at the trade deadline. The Mets would be no exception. However, in comes the fact that they’d need to start DFA’ing veterans only to replace them with others as likely to implode. Who’s to say getting rid of Adam Ottavino for another veteran would be all that much of an improvement?

Relief pitchers are constantly on the move at the trade deadline. Landing someone with team control beyond 2024 might not be such a bad idea even if that’s literally all the Mets do.

Where could the Mets add a bat?

The offense is the toughest to find improvements outside of an injury. Jeff McNeil has played worse than Jose Iglesias so downgrading him to the bench doesn’t make much sense. Tyrone Taylor is taking up a roster spot and has shown he shouldn’t get thrown away. There is too much team control with him. Starling Marte has been horrible in right field. He is one of the team’s hottest hitters.

The Mets starting lineup is imperfect and yet finding an easy way to get better is a challenge. They can improve the bench by demoting DJ Stewart, but that’s deadline peanuts. It wouldn’t push them over the top.

Making the playoffs is dependent on one thing; the Mets regulars need to play a whole lot better. Some more minor moves perhaps with maybe one mid-rotation starter is about the only thing that could make sense.