3 teams that the Mets may bid against for needs at the trade deadline

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The Milwaukee Brewers need any offense they can find for the playoffs, but they may need to outbid the Mets for J.D. Martinez. 

The Brewers have made the playoffs each of the past four years, only winning a playoff series in one of them. The Brewers’ season came to a crashing close last season when they scored just six runs in a four game NLDS loss against the Braves, and knowing their vaunted pitching, they need someone who strokes fear into opposing pitchers. J.D. Martinez makes so much sense for the Brewers for that aspect. 

But the Mets are among the teams that have inquired about J.D. Martinez in the past few days, and his bat would be dreamy in the Mets lineup, protecting Jeff McNeil and Pete Alonso in the middle of that order for a few months. 

The Brewers cannot declare the 2022 season a success in any way, shape, or form if they cannot reach the NLCS. First, they must fend off the Cardinals in a tight NL Central race and assure themselves of home field advantage in the Wild Card playoffs (remember this is the first year of expanded playoffs and the winner of their division will likely be the No. 3 seed in the playoffs). And the Cardinals could add Juan Soto at the trade deadline, so that may make the Brewers that much more desperate for help for their offense. 

But the Mets do have a better farm system than Milwaukee’s, so if the Red Sox are asking for more, the Mets would be better off with the Red Sox’ asking price. 

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