5 Mets trade deadline targets that have now become too expensive

Milwaukee Brewers v Philadelphia Phillies
Milwaukee Brewers v Philadelphia Phillies / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Over the offseason, the New York Mets were linked to many names on the trade market. They were expected to make big moves, and they did, but there were some guys who we knew would still be available during the season. 

Let’s look at five players that the Mets were linked to in the offseason who are too expensive to trade for now.

The Mets were linked to Josh Hader throughout the offseason, but it was always a long shot that they would acquire the best closer in the game. He was not moved, and now, it’s impossible to get him.

Hader has made 13 appearances and pitched 12.1 innings. He’s allowed just two hits, five walks, and struck out 18 batters. He has yet to allow a run, with a sparkling ERA of 0.00. His WHIP is 0.57, his FIP is 1.42, and his ERA+ doesn’t even register since he hasn’t allowed a run. He leads the league in saves and games finished with 13 of each.

His Baseball Savant page is very strong. He’s in the 100th percentile in xBA, 99th percentile in strikeout rate, 98th percentile in xwOBA and xERA, 97th percentile in whiff rate, and 96th percentile in xSLG. His walk rate is pretty low (25th percentile), but that’s the only way hitters reach base against him, so that’s fine. When you throw sidearm 98 with a wipeout slider, it’s almost courteous to walk a few guys here and there.

The Brewers are currently in first place in the NL Central. They’re two and half games ahead of the second-place Cardinals, so it’s safe to say that they’re looking to add good players, not trade them away. This also means that another pitcher on the Brewers that the Mets were linked to is not available…