3 trade deadline sweepstakes the Mets should avoid

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3) NY Mets should avoid the David Bednar trade deadline sweepstakes

It’s going to take the Jaws of Life to pull David Bednar away from the Pittsburgh Pirates. They have no urgency to trade the All-Star closer this year. The Mets have equally as little need to get themselves into a bidding war for him.

The Mets are secure at the closer spot with Edwin Diaz. This we all know. They could be in the market for a right-handed reliever and maybe even forego the rest of the season with two lefties in the bullpen. After all, when the playoffs roll around, David Peterson should be there to provide them with innings out of the bullpen in this role.

If the Mets are looking for some more right-handed security, much cheaper rentals like Daniel Bard or David Robertson would make sense for them. Bednar’s trade value is so astronomically high right now because of his awesome season and the years of control remaining. You only trade for him if you plan to use him in the ninth inning. The Mets simply don’t have that need right now.

Unlike Benintendi and Contreras who probably should get traded, the Pirates can hold onto Bednar until they get an offer that blows them away. What’s your best Juan Soto trade package? Eliminate the weakest link from that and you can get the Pirates to budge. Maybe you can take out the best player from the deal, too.

The point is: all of the leverage is in their court right now. Don’t even bother getting involved.

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