3 trade deadline sweepstakes the Mets should avoid

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Your ideal New York Mets trade deadline isn’t what will actually happen or probably what they should even do. With plenty of high-quality players to rent or continue to build around, Billy Eppler will have a lot of options to explore before the 2022 trade deadline hits us on August 2.

The Mets should explore all avenues but avoid paying a ransom in these three trade deadline sweepstakes.

1) NY Mets should avoid the Andrew Benintendi trade deadline sweepstakes

Does Andrew Benintendi solve what the Mets need most? They need power. They need someone who can hit left-handed pitchers. Benintendi is neither of those. He’s a guy you want to play in left field every day and maybe win another Gold Glove.

He could make sense on the Mets if they were to move Mark Canha or Starling Marte to regular DH duties. But then we have to remember his offense and what he brings to the table. He is too similar to some of their other hitters with lighter power and a good batting average.

While not a bad hitter in his career versus lefties despite being one himself, it wouldn’t make much sense to bring him in especially when the asking price might be on the rise even with his vaccination status.

The Mets wouldn’t be affected by Benintendi’s vaccination status unless they ended up in the World Series versus the Toronto Blue Jays. By that point, maybe he’d get the shot.

It shouldn’t matter. The resources you’d trade for him would be better off going toward a different bat and maybe even a bullpen arm. He’ll have suitors. The Mets don’t need to be one of them.