3 trade deadline moves that prove Billy Eppler knows what he's doing

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages
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The New York Mets had quite a roller coaster of events with their roster in the weeks leading up to the trade deadline that passed on August 2. Billy Eppler was one of the busiest general managers across the sport in the deadline season, acquiring several players to attempt to bolster the team ahead of a playoff run in October.

But as crazy as the Mets were for not picking up the most obvious need (a left-handed relief pitcher), the Mets just continued to win, win, and win, and Billy Eppler deserves a lot of credit for some of the moves he made, and didn't make.

1) Daniel Vogelbach has been both a media darling and a hitting darling for the Mets for a month. 

The Mets desperately needed a left-handed power hitter who could come off the bench or servee as a designated hitter, and the Mets made the first move of the deadline season by picking up Daniel Vogelbach from the Pirates in exchange for Colin Holderman on July 22

The Mets were disappointed in Dom Smith’s performance this year and they knew they had to make a change, and Smith was sent to the minors after he recovered from injury a few weeks ago. In comes Vogelbach, who owns one of the shortest, most compact swings in the game, and can run for a big guy. 

Since going over to the Mets in the trade, Vogelbach turned his season around, as he is batting .286 with 10 extra base hits, a .425 on-base percentage and a .939 OPS. 

As a result, Pete Alonso’s bat got hot, and the overall feel of the offense felt different. The team’s 17-3 stretch from July 24 to August 14 coincided with Vogelbach’s Mets debut. 

Also, remember the gloom and doom the pundits threw at the fanbase because the Mets gave up a (rookie) reliever who had a 2.04 ERA with the Mets to get Vogelbach? Yeah. Me neither. Billy Eppler knew what the Mets needed.