1 New York Mets trade deadline acquisition worth bringing back

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game Two
New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates - Game Two / Justin Berl/GettyImages

The New York Mets made four trades during the trade deadline. The four players the Mets acquired were Tyler Naquin, Daniel Vogelbach, Darin Ruf, and Mychal Givens. Givens got off to a rough start but has now settled in. Naquin and Vogelbach started off red hot when they came to the Mets, but have also cooled off, although Vogelbach has gotten some of his mojo back in the last few games. Darin Ruf never really got it going with the Mets as his trade really looks like the only loss the Mets took during the trade deadline. With all that being said, if there was one trade acquisition worth being brought back for next year it would have to be Vogelbach and here’s why.

The New York Mets should bring Vogelbach back next year because he is a spunky player who has a character that would fit in New York. He seems like he would definitely keep the chemistry up as he had a few friends in the clubhouse before he joined the Mets back in July. He also seems like a guy that has become a loveable character amongst Mets fans just like Bartolo Colon before him. Vogelbach also can definitely be a backup option for the Mets at the DH position if they do not make an upgrade to that position this offseason.

The New York Mets can bring Daniel Vogelbach back next year as a backup plan at DH if they do not make an upgrade at that position.

Vogelbach is a power hitter so he’s not always going to get a ton of hits or hit for a high average. He is also a streaky hitter, but when he is on fire, his home runs come in bunches. He also hits righties really well and the Mets can always platoon with him next season if they want, but the player has to be a better right-handed hitter than the options they have now. We as Mets fans have only seen a small sample size of Vogelbach as we only acquired him in July. However, he has potential for a 30-home run season as he did that back in 2019 when he was also an all-star.

Another big reason to keep Vogelbach is because of the shift restrictions that will come into play next season. This will be a big sigh of relief for lefty hitters who are mainly pull hitters and Vogelbach is one of them. Now his average may not jump up from .230 to .270 or .280, but the restrictions on the shift will definitely be a positive for a guy like Vogelbach. Now he will not have to worry about hitting a groundout to the shortstop or third baseman playing almost all the way in right field.

Vogelbach has been up and down so far with the Mets this season. He has had his hot streaks and he has had his slumps. However, with some of the new rules next year and depending on if the New York Mets make an upgrade or not at the DH spot, Vogelbach is definitely the trade acquisition that should be brought back next year out of the four who were acquired. You can platoon him at DH again next season, or even have him be the player at DH. It is all up to the New York Mets and what they will come up with for the DH spot. Only time will tell if Vogelbach will be brought back next year or not.

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