5 under the radar Mets trade candidates for the bullpen

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The Mets should take a look at an intra-division bullpen target

Bullpen arms are always in wide demand heading to the trade deadline. The bullpen is an important element to help teams stay competitive and survive day by day in the playoffs through the use of pitchers in every game situation.

Within the East Division of the National League, the Washington Nationals are a team out of competition and will be sellers this summer. The team doesn't have many options, but a veteran reliever emerges as a viable option for teams looking to make the postseason.

Carl Edwards Jr. is a longtime pitcher in MLB, being an efficient reliever with several teams in the league. At 31 years old, Edwards Jr. is pitching a good season with the Nationals with a good ERA.

The veteran has had a great result this year despite presenting control issues with a considerable number of walks. The efficiency of this pitcher is due to his ability to limit the opposition to a low hard-hit contact, ranked in the top 10 in the league.

The Nationals have a huge incentive to sell this pitcher ASAP, and the Mets should be watching for an offer. Efficient, experienced relief pitchers are needed for high-pressure moments in games where the bullpen must show up, and for the cost of a rental like Edwards Jr. it's worth the gamble.