5 under the radar Mets trade candidates for the bullpen

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The Mets should trade for this once-forgotten Detroit Tigers reliever

Seeking help in a heavily used and sometimes unreliable bullpen, the Mets need to migrate to low-cost options to improve their roster. A profile that José Cisnero of the Detroit Tigers fits.

Cisnero is in his final year of arbitration before hitting free agency at age 34. This Detroit Tigers pitcher did not pitch in MLB from 2014 to 2019 due to a pitching arm injury that caused him to undergo Tommy John surgery.

After this surgery, Cisnero battled in independent leagues in Venezuela, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic until he received a non-roster invite to the Tigers' training camps. Since then, Cisnero has been a reliable pitcher in Detroit's bullpen.

This season the pitcher has an ERA below 3.00, supported by a high percentage of strikeouts thanks to his fastball and sinker. Cisnero's fastball, which tops out at 96 mph, induces an elite swing and miss with a microscopic batting average.

Similarly, he has a sinker pitch that travels around 95 mph and has caused his GB% to be above 40%, generating more outs. Cisnero's arsenal is complemented by his changeup, slider, and cutter, thus offering options for a relief pitcher.

Sincero's value will not be high due to his age and the fact that he is a rental, so the Mets can acquire him via trade for a low value. Cisnero could support the Mets in tight situations by helping a bullpen that hasn't been efficient this year.