5 under the radar Mets trade candidates for the bullpen

Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners
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The New York Mets are in a disadvantaged position in the standings but the team has no intention of giving up. After playing baseball below expectations, the organization is moving towards the trade deadline with the position of being buyers this summer.

Among the areas for the team to improve, pitching represents a big headache for the Mets. While the team needs reliable starters and relievers, bullpen depth is a must to stay in contention and make the postseason, so here are five viable options they can explore on the market.

The Mets should trade for Chicago White Sox reliever Keynan Middleton

Keynan Middleton is not a very popular or well-known pitcher. Middleton came to the Chicago White Sox via a minor league contract signing last January.

The reliever has been one of the best news for some White Sox, who have disappointed again. Middleton has a competitive ERA and a career-high in strikeouts this year.

Keynan Middleton is a pitcher who came to MLB via draft with the Los Angeles Angels and posted a couple of good seasons until he suffered an injury that required Tommy John Surgery, and from this point, his performance slowed down. The White Sox took advantage of this window to sign him, at a low cost.

Middleton's better ERA this year stems from a change in his pitching profile by using more of his changeup and lessening the use of his fastball, which has been hit above .290 in past seasons. This change in his arsenal has generated positive results, with a changeup causing the opposition to bat below .200 and an increase in his GB% of more than 20 percentage points.

Middleton is a free agent after this season, and for his contract and popularity, the cost would be low. The Mets could get this reliever, who would be very useful throughout the final stretch of the season.