Every Mets trade candidate on the MLB roster and why they could go

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6) NY Mets trade candidate David Peterson can get starts somewhere else

The situation with David Peterson is similar to Megill. The difference is he hasn’t taken off as a reliever in the handful of times he has been summoned from the bullpen. As a result, the Mets have stuck with keeping him as an emergency starter.

This worked to perfection last year. Peterson bounced up and down between the majors and Triple-A. He was mostly reliable when he did start games in the big leagues.

Another team, with something to offer the Mets via trade, could offer him a little more stability. Peterson’s minor league options will eventually dry up anyway. The Mets will have to decide exactly where he fits in. Peterson is far from securing a rotation spot. A tempting offer from another general manager could send him elsewhere.

7) NY Mets trade candidate Mark Vientos is a clear favorite to get dealt

Probably the most likely trade candidate on the Mets roster is Mark Vientos. He’s a right-handed hitting power bat with no real position. Third base and first base are occupied. This current regime doesn’t seem interested in putting non-left fielders at that position either.

Vientos’ trade value isn’t anything exceptional because other squads would run into this same issue. Where do you put an all-bat, no-glove player?

Working as a first baseman/DH somewhere is the likeliest scenario for Vientos. The Mets may not trade him quite yet. Eventually, we should expect them to pull the trigger.

8) NY Mets trade candidate Eduardo Escobar is unlikely to go despite a lessening role

Eduardo Escobar is probably not going anywhere. He didn’t hit incredibly well last season so teams would be timid to take him on. He’s only a fit for “win now” teams looking to upgrade third base. Escobar’s poor defense doesn’t make him too ideal of an option anyway.

Escobar only becomes a Mets trade candidate because his role is lessening. Brett Baty should crack the Opening Day roster. This means Escobar could end up seeing much less action in 2023.

There is always a chance the Mets hold Baty back for a few months. He hardly played in Triple-A. Odds are heavily stacked against the Mets trading Escobar. You never know. He’s in the last year of his contract and there’s a top prospect right there behind him.

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