Every Mets trade candidate on the MLB roster and why they could go

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3) NY Mets trade candidate James McCann is a salary to dump

With Robinson Cano out of the picture, the new bad contract fans are eager to dump belongs to catcher James McCann. He is signed for two more seasons and not at a rate matching his production.

Two years into his deal, McCann only seems to be getting worse. Backup catcher Tomas Nido can produce better numbers on both sides of the ball at a fraction of the cost. The trouble with trading McCann is obvious. Who would even want him?

Only two options are available. The Mets can dump his salary or swap it with another bad contract. The dumping might actually be far more appealing. It’s not our money. Bringing in yet another player underperforming to his deal might just be more of the same with a different face attached to the problem.

4) NY Mets trade candidate Tomas Nido is merely a roster casualty waiting to happen

The other catcher on the trade block is Tomas Nido. Huh? Well, it’s a matter of the Mets having fewer options. They can carry three catchers with Francisco Alvarez being more of a DH. It’s not ideal. The Atlanta Braves did something similar last year with Travis d’Arnaud, William Contreras, and a couple of different other backup catchers.

Nido would actually draw some interest. The Mets wouldn’t get a whole lot back, but the return would taste sweeter than anything they’d receive for McCann.

Fortunately, trading Nido probably won’t happen considering the way Buck Showalter used him last year even when McCann was healthy. The Mets would be far more likely to send McCann somewhere else even if they have to pick up the bill.

5) NY Mets trade candidate Tylor Megill has value right now

Tylor Megill is a trade candidate on the Mets but not to the same extent he used to be. After the 2021 season, he was someone the team could have potentially shopped for some more immediate help to the major league roster. Because the bullpen is so empty right now, it makes a bit more sense to keep him around.

Megill doesn’t seem like a player the Mets will commit to having in the starting rotation regularly. He only got a chance at the beginning of last year due to injuries. He has minor options left and at the very least could give them some innings in relief.

Just because he is a fit for the 2023 roster and beyond doesn’t make him safe. A more proven starter or reliever would be wise to add. There is no urgency to trade Megill which should hopefully keep him in New York.