3 Mets trade candidates to keep unless the offer is too good to be true

The New York Mets shouldn't rush to trade these three players.
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2) NY Mets shouldn’t dump Adam Ottavino unless they get something they really like back

A little less popular of an opinion, Adam Ottavino isn’t necessarily someone the Mets should send packing. He has been much less effective this season than he was last year. Who really thought he’d have a 2.06 ERA again? He’s much closer to the pitcher he has been throughout his career. With Ottavino, there are highs and lows. The end result can sometimes be a place in the middle.

A lot of the same points about Raley are true for Ottavino. Set to earn $7.25 next season on a player option, the tricky part here is the power is all in Ottavino’s hands. Does he opt out? He hasn’t pitched like a $7.25 million reliever this year. Another year closer to 40, it could end up as the best contract available.

Ottavino is a New York native and someone who returned to the Mets last offseason after one year. As long as everything is copacetic behind the scenes, Ottavino is a candidate to opt into the contract.

Whether to hold onto Ottavino or not past the trade deadline has a lot to do with where the Mets feel he’ll lean come free agency. If he’s leaving, he should be traded. The same is true for every player on an expiring deal.

But if the relationship is good and opting into the second-year of his deal is bound to happen, Ottavino is a guy who should stick around. The difference is he shouldn’t begin the year as a setup man. Ottavino is probably of better use to the Mets going forward as a sixth or seventh inning guy.