Pros and cons of all 3 Athletics pitchers

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Chris Bassitt, Sean Manaea, and Frankie Montas are all expected to get shopped before the 2022 MLB season begins. The pair of Oakland Athletics pitchers are beyond making league minimum and now trade targets for teams like the New York Mets to steal away.

Each comes with some good and some bad both in performance, the years of control remaining, and the expected cost. The Mets have been careful about not overpaying in trades. They’re hugging their best prospects tightly, something that should be a consideration when looking at any possible deals the team will make.

Pulling all of the factors together, let’s see if we can come away with a decision as to which of the three Athletics pitchers fits best with what the Mets need.

Pros and cons of NY Mets trade candidate Chris Bassitt

Bassitt is probably the least known of the three despite having some success for several seasons. He’s coming off of a 12-4 performance with a 3.15 ERA in 27 starts. Now two consecutive seasons finishing in the top ten of the Cy Young vote, he has quietly established himself as a top pitcher in the American League.

Bassitt isn’t an overpowering strikeout pitcher but makes up for it with good control. He has only one season on his resume with an ERA over 4.00, something that happened in 2016 when he made only 5 big league starts.

His one year of control can be looked at two ways. On one hand, there’s little commitment to him. The Mets can swing a trade for this one-year rental and see from there whether he fits the rotation moving forward. It should also reduce how much they need to give up in a trade for him. Oakland definitely needs to move on from Bassitt at some point in 2022 whether it be before Opening Day or the trade deadline.

The big con against Bassitt could be his age. This year will be his age 33 campaign. And while this isn’t incredibly old and he hasn’t logged a whole lot of innings, bodies do tend to break down. The thing the Mets could least afford to do is trade for a pitcher who ends up on the IL for weeks or months.

Bassitt has only two seasons under his belt of reaching 100+ innings. A fear for some could be that he runs out of steam. We saw it with Taijuan Walker last season. Could it happen with Bassitt?