Toxic Mets clubhouse claim pointing at Pete Alonso caught us all off-guard

Could Pete Alonso truly be a locker room problem for the Mets?

Chicago Cubs v New York Mets
Chicago Cubs v New York Mets / Al Bello/GettyImages

Does Sal Licata know something we don’t? Working for WFAN and now with a midday spot on the radio station alongside Brandon Tierney has given the radio host the audacity (not Audacy) to start pointing fingers at New York Mets players he blames for the team’s failures this season. 

He claims to have done his homework on the culprit and maybe he has. But how is it that a non-reporter would be the first to deliver such unbelievable news to the public? Sal still buys his tickets to the games. He’s not as connected as the dozen or so beat writers in the city who’d love to tear down the Mets further.

Social media was abuzz on Friday with responses to Licata’s comments about the Mets locker room being toxic leading him to proclaim the team needs to rectify it by getting rid of Alonso.

A toxic NY Mets clubhouse isn’t unbelievable, but where’s the beef with this claim blaming Pete Alonso?

This could be Sports Radio 101. The Brandon Tierney and Sal Licata Show is only a few weeks old after the huge shakeups at WFAN. The departure of Craig Carton opened doors for multiple people to be elevated. Licata made one of the biggest leaps from overnight to midday.

Mets fans have had a love/hate relationship with Licata and his usual negative spin on things. He roasted Edwin Diaz forever. He’s a contrarian on-air. This persona works in the industry. Joe and Evan became unlistenable at times with the two midday hosts agreeing with everything the other said. There needs to be some friction on a sports radio show. Manufacturing arguments, which this newest show seems to do at times with Licata and Tierney swapping who believes in the Mets and who doesn’t on a daily basis, is one thing. Directly proclaiming you know who the problem is with the Mets and pointing at their character is a step over the line too far.

As unbelievable as it may be for Alonso to be the locker room troublemaker, a single incident could always be to blame. He has been around longer than most. When he entered the league in 2019, Alonso acted as if he were a veteran. Many of us looked at this like a young kid with leadership skills. Could it have developed into someone who acted as if he was invincible over time?

We probably won’t need to wait for the book to come out on the 2023 Mets to get some of the juicier details as to what went on behind-the-scenes. Keynan Middleton, formerly of the Chicago White Sox, has already opened Pandora’s Box on their locker room culture following his trade to the New York Yankees. Will an ex-Mets player spill any of the beans at some point?

It seems bogus for Alonso to be so entrenched in the culture of the Mets and in the locker room for him to be the source of their issues yet not impossible. Steve Gelbs has already said there is a different vibe in the clubhouse this season and he’s definitely not going to poke the Polar Bear.

There very well could be a problem with the Mets culture. Alonso has only one mark against him on being the issue and it’s coming from someone looking for ratings. It’s a bit irresponsible if it’s all fabricated. At least they know how they’ll open the show on Monday and what the head the callers throw their way will be coming with.