3 top Mets prospects bound for different positions in the major leagues

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It’s not uncommon for players to get drafted at one position and by the time they reach the major leagues they’re at a completely different spot. It’s actually far more common than most of us realize. Down on the New York Mets farm, three of the team’s top prospects stand out as candidates to switch positions by the time they reach the big leagues.

Francisco Alvarez is one possibility to change spots but his value does change moving away from the catcher position. Plus, I have less of a feeling that he’ll move anywhere else quicker than the other guys on this list. First base or DH is the most logical place for Alvarez to move and both of those positions should be occupied.

As for these other three Mets prospects, room is or will open up for them by the time they’re ready to suit up for 162 major league games.

NY Mets prospect Brett Baty could have a future in left field

The Mets began preparing Brett Baty for a different position than third base. He saw some action in left field in 2021. It’s too soon to really know whether or not he’ll be better there. Typically, you will find this transition to look more favorable.

Left field is where you go to hide your poor defenders. In his short professional career, Baty hasn’t been an exceptional fielder at third base. It’s a tough place to play. With some seasoning, maybe he does improve.

Rather than waste too much time seeing what he can do defensively at the hot corner, the Mets may feel more inclined to make him their left fielder of the future once the spot opens up permanently. Mark Canha was signed this offseason to a guaranteed two-year deal with an option for a third season. A placeholder for the Mets in left field until something more permanent comes along, Baty would make a lot of sense if defense at third base is important to them.

Baty’s major league trajectory should put him in the major leagues by 2023 so there is some crossover between the two. However, with third base and maybe a few DH opportunities as well, there are ways to find him and Canha at-bats in the same lineup. Uncertainty about Brandon Nimmo’s future with the club as well could always move Canha to right field by 2023.