Predicting the top 10 Mets prospects at the start of 2023

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The current top New York Mets prospects won’t be the same ones we see when the 2023 season opens up. Someone might graduate. Others could be traded. Then there are those who could drop.

Top prospect lists are updated multiple times per year for a reason. They’re always wrong in some ways. While there are only a few months of play left before the end of the 2022 season, we can make an early educated guess as to what the top prospects list will look like when next year begins.

1) NY Mets top prospect Francisco Alvarez

Is there anyone out there to possibly dethrone Francisco Alvarez as the number one Mets prospect? Even if he does somehow debut before this year is over, he won’t have enough at-bats to change anyone’s opinion. He should remain as one of the best prospects in baseball at the start of next year. On the Mets, he’s number one.

2) NY Mets top prospect Brett Baty

Although he’s working his way toward losing his rookie status, Brett Baty is unlikely to get the number of at-bats required to move on from being a prospect. He should remain the number two guy for the Mets.

3) NY Mets top prospect Kevin Parada

Catcher Kevin Parada might not have a clear path to the major leagues with Alvarez blocking him. The Mets aren’t going to trade him this quickly, though. He’ll be their number three guy to open next season.

4) NY Mets top prospect Alex Ramirez

If there’s someone who could leap a few players on the top prospect list for the Mets, it might be Alex Ramirez. He has all of the makings to become the next international outfield star. Give him another year before catapulting to number one.

5) NY Mets top prospect Jett Williams

The other first-round pick the Mets had in 2022, Jett Williams caps off the first half of this list. It’s possible he’s even a top 100 prospect when the 2023 season begins. In fact, let’s predict that.

6) NY Mets top prospect Blade Tidwell

The first of the pitchers to make it into the franchise’s top 10, Blade Tidwell is going to climb further up the ranks. He won’t be in the top 100 in MLB to begin the year but as each player graduates he’ll be a candidate to add his name.

7) NY Mets top prospect Ronny Mauricio

Is Ronny Mauricio dropping or are other people passing him? It’s kind of both. Mauricio remains a promising young player whose biggest problem is that the Mets don’t have a place to play him right now. He could be an offseason trade candidate. However, I’m predicting the team holds onto him for a trade deadline move when he does end up getting dealt.

8) NY Mets top prospect Calvin Ziegler

Pitching prospect Calvin Ziegler is on the rise and he’ll begin next year at number eight. His ascend to the major league level might not be glorified but it will be anticipated.

9) NY Mets top prospect Mike Vasil

A guy who played his way into the top 10 conversation in 2022, Mike Vasil will be rewarded with a number 9 spot to open the season. I’m not yet sold that the Mets will continue on with him. Something about Vasil feels like trade fodder. For now, let’s hold onto him.

10) NY Mets top prospect Dominic Hamel

The twin prospect of Ziegler because he was drafted in the same round, Dominic Hamel finishes off the top ten. There’s no real reason for it other than to point out two players you may have expected to see.

Where is Mark Vientos? The Mets need to trade him in the offseason. He doesn’t have a spot on their major league roster.

As for Matt Allan, he’ll either fall out of the top 10 or also get dealt away. He fell in the updated 2022 rankings. In the right deal, we should expect the Mets to move on from him as well. And even if they don't, it's hard to justify keeping him as a top 10 prospect when he has missed so much time.

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