New York Mets records by Tom Seaver that are unbreakable

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The New York Mets have always been known to have a history of great starting pitchers. They have had multiple Cy Young Award winners come over by the way of trade and by free agency, and they have had their share of players win the award while wearing the orange and blue.

Tom Seaver is undoubtedly the best pitcher in the history of the New York Mets, hence his nickname, "The Franchise". As a result of Seavers long tenure in New York and his dominance to go side by side with it, he owns many New York Mets pitching records.

Seaver has multiple pitching records for the Mets between both single-season records, and all-time cumulative records. Some of Seaver's records are breakable, some are borderline, and some are untouchable.

Seaver has multiple Mets pitching records that are unbreakable.

Starting with his single-season records, Seaver holds the single-season Mets record for wins with 25, games started with 36, complete games with 21, innings pitched with 290.2, and strikeouts with 289. When it comes to all-time Mets records, Seaver is the record holder for wins with 198, games started with 395, complete games with 171, shutouts with 44, innings pitched with 3,045.1, hits allowed with 2,431, home runs allowed with 212, walks allowed with 847, and strikeouts with 2,541.

Some of these records I do not see anybody ever coming close to, but there are some that I do see being breakable. The single-season strikeout record of 289 I can see being broken especially with how the game has changed over time and the strikeout numbers rising Jacob deGrom had 269 (just 20 away) in 2018 and Max Scherzer is now a Met so I can see both of them making a run at that record. I also see Seaver's all-time strikeout record of 2,541 being broken. deGrom is only 1,036 away and I do not see him playing for another team in his career. His strikeout numbers have been increasing the past few seasons, so five years of 200 strikeouts are not far-fetched for him.

The records I see being borderline include hits allowed all-time at 2,431, home runs allowed all-time at 212, and walks allowed all-time at 847. These records can go either way with one thing being the main factor, the tenure of a player. If there is a pitcher to spend their entire career with the Mets, each of these records could be broken by posting average years for the entirety of one's career.

All of the rest of the records held by Seaver I see him holding forever. His record for wins in a season at 25 should be more than safe as we barely see pitchers even hit the 20 mark anymore. His record for games started at 36, complete games at 21, and innings pitched at 290.2 will never even be close to being beaten with how the game has changed. Pitchers do not pitch deep into games like they used to. We are lucky to see one pitcher have five complete games or hit 220 innings in a season these days. As for games started, there will be one or two that hit 34-35 games started but typically if a pitcher is healthy they will still only sit at 32-33 games started.

Seaver's all-time records that are unbreakable I see being are wins at 198, games started at 395, complete games at 171, shutouts at 44, and innings pitched at 3,045.1. Similar to Seaver's single-season records that I view as unbreakable, it is mainly due to the change in the game and pitchers not pitching as much or as deep into games as they used to. Even to break Seaver's win record someone would need to average fifteen wins over thirteen seasons, all with the Mets nonetheless. As I stated earlier pitchers do not pitch deep enough into games anymore to break his record for complete games, shutouts, and innings pitched.

There is a reason Seaver's nickname is "The Franchise". He was the face of the Mets when he pitched for them and was dominant during his tenure as well. Combine the two of those together and he holds many of the Mets single-season and all-time records as seen.

Now while some can be breakable, the majority of them will more than likely never be broken or will be awfully hard to reach.

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