Mets ticket price increase and lesser benefits is a final frustrating blow in 2023

Fans watch a large screen during a Mets vs.Phillies game at Citi Field on Wednesday, May 31, 2023.
Fans watch a large screen during a Mets vs.Phillies game at Citi Field on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. / Michael Karas/ / USA

The New York Mets 2023 season is quickly ending, but many fans are already thinking about 2024. They aren't just thinking about the team on the field but thinking about their wallet as season ticket members like myself got a recent email about the upcoming 2024 pricing and benefits. Let's just say many fans are shaking their head in disappointment after reading certain information.

Many Mets fans are in an uproar after seeing a ticket price increase and downgraded benefits

If you take a walk around Citi Field, you will meet many people who are season ticket members, such as the famous Cowbell Man, Pin Man, and rising Mets Maniacs (Scott Shanes and Steve Casano). They all say how amazing it is to be a part of the season ticket plan. The 2023 season was my first year being a season ticket member, and it was a great experience.

There are numerous different types of season ticket plans you can purchase, such as the quarter-season package (20 games), half-season (41 games), and full-season (81 games). I am a quarter-season ticket member, and with that comes many benefits that regular single-game ticket members can't access. Some benefits include exchanging certain games for other dates, discounts on concession stands and merchandise, early entry into games, and access to pregame parties and events.

While all that is great for fans, we recently got an email about the upcoming 2024 season, and some of the information that has been announced is making fans think twice about staying on as a season ticket member. First off we have found out the price of tickets has increased. Everyones tickets are priced differently depending on your location and the type of season ticket plan you have, but personally, my tickets went up $350. After the disappointing season the Mets are going through, many fans didn't expect the prices to go up that much. Prices going up to that degree will drive certain people, and I believe it has already done so based on some fans' reactions on social media.

The tweet above leads me to my next and biggest gripe: they downgraded postseason access for season ticket members. Many season ticket members, including myself, will say the most significant benefit of having season tickets is access to postseason games. For the current 2023 season, if you were a full or half-season member, you got access to all potential home postseason games (full-strip), and if you were a quarter-season member, you got half of the home postseason games (half-strip). These were the number 1 benefit for members but they have changed it for the 2024 season.

Now, only full-season members get access to all home postgames, and if you are a half-season member, you get half of the games. Unfortunately for someone like me, I only get a quarter of the games. This is the significant change that has most fans mad. All the other changes, like pricing, are annoying, but this is unnecessary to me and most people. Many people will opt out of their season tickets due to this change because many fans get season tickets for postseason access.

I love being a Mets fan, and part of that is because I am a season ticket member, and like most people, I take pride in that. These changes have me and many others second-guessing whether I should continue being a member in 2024 or get tickets through the secondary market. Current members have until October 18th to decide what they want to do, and trust me; I will be thinking about my decision every day until then.