Thursday Thought: Mets that remind me of Ted Lasso characters

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The New York Mets have a cast of characters on their roster, similar to AFC Richmond in Ted Lasso. 

Let’s take a look at which Mets are similar to Ted Lasso characters.

Buck Showalter = Ted Lasso

“Don’t overlook an orchid while looking for a rose.”

Hard to tell if that quote came from Buck Showalter or Ted Lasso right? That was a Buck-ism. These two are both known for their quirky-yet-uplifting sayings and ways of teaching. 

Brandon Nimmo = Dani Rojas

“My mother says I was born caffeinated.”

These two guys are going to give 110% in everything they do, and have a smile plastered to their faces through it all. They bring mucho, mucho joy everywhere they go.

Pete Alonso = Sam Obisanya

These two are very positive and upbeat (even a little too upbeat, sometimes). They’re also willing to stand up for what they believe in, and most of their teammates feel inspired to stand with them.

Max Scherzer = Roy Kent

Every roster has a raging veteran who loves to yell and curse. Neither of these guys is above an expletive-laden rant when someone makes a mistake, when something doesn’t go their way, or just because they feel like it.

Francisco Lindor = Jamie Tartt

These two are really talented, but have a tendency to get under peoples’ skin. That includes teammates, opponents, and fans. If only they would shut up and let their talent do the talking.

Jacob deGrom = Isaac McAdoo

These guys don’t talk much, but they are respected leaders who ball hard. It would serve Lindor and Tart well to learn from these two.

James McCann = Jan Maas

“He’s not being rude, he’s just being Dutch.”

Unfortunately for McCann, he does not have that Dutch background to use as an excuse, but he’s going to be blunt. He is going to say and do whatever it takes to make his team, especially his pitchers, the best they can be.

These are just a few Mets who reminded me of characters on Ted Lasso. Who else reminds you of a character from the show?

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