Thursday Thought: 1 thing that is missing from Citi Field

San Diego Padres v New York Mets
San Diego Padres v New York Mets / Chris McGrath/GettyImages

Let’s rewind to early May, 2022. My buddies and I were sitting in the third deck of Citi Field right behind home plate. The New York Mets were facing the Philadelphia Phillies, and winning.

There were a few at-bats in the middle of the game where the umpire made a few questionable calls (weird, right?). So naturally, we pulled up Baseball Savant’s Mets game page so we could see for ourselves where those pitches were.

“Why don’t stadiums have strike zones on the scoreboards?” we wondered. 

One thing the Mets need to add at Citi Field is a strike zone on the scoreboard.

It would be so much easier to follow the game if everyone in the stadium could see where each pitch is. It’s not a huge deal to pull out your phone and check Savant or the MLB App, but you’re not really paying attention to the game if you’re on your phone. 

The way it is right now, anytime fans think the ball is remotely close to the strike zone and the umpire doesn’t call it, the crowd moans and groans, even though they have no idea where that pitch was. Imagine if there was a strike zone on the center field scoreboard for all to see.

Added bonus: It would also bring some long-overdue accountability to umpires.

Picture Angel Hernandez calling pitches six inches outside the zone a strike, having it displayed on the scoreboard, and the crowd showering him in boos. That might be the motivation he needs to not suck. 

Earlier this season, it was announced that the Mets plan to increase the size of the center field scoreboard, among other ballpark renovations that have happened since Steve Cohen took over. With a much bigger scoreboard on the horizon (or maybe blocking the horizon, considering the size of the mock ups), there’s no reason to not have a strike zone on it.

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