Thursday Thought: Marcus Stroman's latest social media tirade

Washington Nationals v New York Mets: Game One
Washington Nationals v New York Mets: Game One / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

Over the last few days, former New York Mets starter Marcus Stroman has unleashed a flurry of tweets that are stirring up conversations. 

Marcus Stroman, who is now probably known more for his tweeting than he is for his pitching, hasn’t been shy about posting his takes, often to his detriment. 

This all started with a shot at the Mets’ new GM, Billy Eppler. Stroman said “His lack of awareness in his previous position is being exposed” and he’s “beyond thankful [he’s] gone from [the Mets]. He concluded the tweet with “God got me!” but the Cubs will suck this year unless they overhaul the roster before Opening Day, so I wouldn’t go that far. He later deleted the tweet.

Obviously, his hate towards Billy Eppler has a lot to do with not being re-signed because the Mets chose to sign Max Scherzer. Stroman sent out another flurry of tweets when Eppler’s signing was announced, including one that said “I would love to be back on the squad next year…However, I know a source who says the front office rather the other pitchers on the market.” He then quote tweeted himself saying “The source is me.”

He changed his tune quite a bit over the course of the offseason. First he tweets that he’d “love” to be back and said he was “open” to re-signing with the team. Then, when the Mets pivoted to a better pitcher, he started saying he’s glad to be gone and accused the Mets’ fan base of racism.

Stroman is now claiming that he received “endless death threats, got called an ‘N’ word often, was told that black lives don’t matter, and played for a front office that didn’t care about any of that.

Any expression of racism is abhorrent. If he did deal with racism and the Mets’ front office ignored it, that’s a big problem. But Marcus is not absolved of guilt here, since he has a history of liking racist tweets himself. He liked a tweet calling Mets beat reporter Anthony DiComo a derogatory word and he liked another tweet that said “I [expletive-ing] hate white people can we please eradicate them all.” 

Stroman can’t play the victim card while participating in acts of racism himself. 

I guess my point in all of this is that Marcus Stroman is an absolute trainwreck on social media. He claims that Mets fans are racist, but only after he left and while also participating in racism himself. He tweets about positivity a ton, yet he does it in such a depraved way that it has become toxic. Keeping up with his nonsense is exhausting.

My advice to anyone is to mute or unfollow Stroman. My timeline has been much less cluttered and basically drama-free since doing so myself. I don’t miss his complaints, his spam retweeting of people complimenting him, or his desperate responses to anyone who doubts him.

My advice to Marcus - who will undoubtedly see this - is to change your social media usage. Your name has become synonymous with whining and complaining. Your positivity has become toxic. Learn that it’s ok - in fact, it’ll be very beneficial - to not hit send on every thought that enters your head. Choose your words carefully so that the tone isn’t wailing and spiteful. These aren’t huge adjustments, but if you do them, your brand will get stronger and your Twitter page won’t be a place people can’t wait to leave. 

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