5 reasons why this Mets team is so beloved by the fans

Atlanta Braves v New York Mets
Atlanta Braves v New York Mets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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2. Max Scherzer brought a winning attitude with him to Queens, and it is unlike anything Mets fans have seen from one individual player in ages. 

Max Scherzer signed the contract that features the largest annual average salary in baseball history to date, with a salary of $43.3 million before this season, and let’s just say he’s been worth every single penny of his contract.  

There is a strong argument to be made that in a career with 198 wins and 3,146 strikeouts that he is pitching the best he’s ever pitched in his Hall of Fame career. And this is even though he missed seven weeks due to injury. He has a career-low 1.93 ERA in 102.2 innings pitched this season.

Scherzer is such a competitor that was built to win in New York. He’s got a no-nonsense attitude and his fiery demeanor on the mound gets fans talking. He facilitates the conversation with his rotation mates and his catchers about how to approach the other team, and it has made the Mets a team nobody wants to face come October.  

Scherzer is emblematic of the culture that Steve Cohen is trying to build, and with this team 30 games over .500 and getting ready for the playoffs, it gives Mets fans something to look forward to every fifth day, and it feels like the Mets are expected to win. 

We despised him for seven years because he was doing the same thing for the division rival Washington Nationals for six and a half years, including him leading them to the franchise’s first World Series title three years ago. But now that he’s a Met, we couldn’t be any thankful that he decided to come.