3 ways the Mets are taking Big Apple baseball from the Yankees

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
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The Mets are just more fun while the Yankees remain uptight

This isn’t to say players on the Yankees are bad people. I actually kind of like the professionalism Judge and Giancarlo Stanton display. But when it comes to liking or disliking players on a team, sometimes it’s petty things that can cause us to feel a certain way.

Take Gerrit Cole as an example. When he got rocked early on in a game this season, he blamed it on Billy Crystal’s first pitch taking too long. This might be the lamest excuse of all-time. Worse and longer delays happen to pitchers more regularly. It’s not as if Cole was pitching his first game in the big leagues. It showed a lack of ownership for getting beat up. He had already made his way onto the baseball villains list when he became the posterchild for doctoring baseballs.

More than personalities of specific people, the aura around the Yankees can come across as arrogant. Their grooming policy is archaic. Worst of all, many fans carry themselves as if they've not only been alive for all of their champions but also had the game-winning hit in the World Series.

Mets fans have their own dud fans as does every fan base. It’s just different with the Yankees. We saw the worst of it on April 23 when after the team won they had fans throwing trash on the field at Cleveland Guardians players.

Over in the locker room, players on the Mets wouldn’t be caught dead making an excuse for a poor performance. Imagine Jacob deGrom losing a game and making any excuse relating to the pregame ceremonies.

The leadership in the Citi Field home locker room will hold them accountable unlike the Yankees who seem to be trending in the wrong direction. If it’s not one of the veterans on the roster, Buck Showalter will be the one to do it. Aaron Boone will step up but only when the analytics department tells him to.

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