3 ways the Mets can have sustained success throughout the next decade

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Using Steve Cohen’s money to extend those young players is the most important

Combining the two, making sure those young players stay in Flushing is essential for the Mets. This means anyone of any value should be getting deals to remain in orange and blue for a long time as long as they fit what the club needs.

The Mets are in no position to put all of their hopes into winning on a low budget. They also shouldn’t wait around until certain players become free agents. There’s a balancing act. The best way to make it to multiple World Series and maybe even come away with a parade is to keep a core in place.

Right now, the Mets do have lighter core of players brought up through the system. Pete Alonso, Jeff McNeil, Brandon Nimmo, and Jacob deGrom would be the three most accomplished. Because this current front office regime is fresher, they’ve had to correct some past mistakes. It’s not easy to develop, promote, and extend quality players. Even the guys I mentioned as members of the club’s core have some questions.

This could change in a few years when the next wave of top prospects arrive in the major leagues. Alonso looks bound to at least get offered an extension from the front office at some point in the next few years. And while Francisco Lindor wasn’t originally a Mets player, the trade for him followed by an extension still fits the formula.

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