3 ways the Mets can have sustained success throughout the next decade

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Steve Cohen’s money is a Mets weapon to add finishing touches

Seriously, the best way to win a championship is to develop an awesome core of players then add the finishing touches in free agency. This is precisely what the Mets have positioned themselves to do with Steve Cohen and his bottomless wallet leading the way.

As much as the Mets did spend over the winter, they didn’t exactly do anything all that ridiculous. Max Scherzer’s contract may be the lone deal that delves into the realm of outrageous but it’s not as if broke every record imaginable.

The Mets have, instead, been focused on adding the right finishing touches to their roster. They needed outfield help so they brought in Mark Canha and Starling Marte. There was a question at third base. Boom! Eduardo Escobar gets a contract that should hold down the fort until at least one of the young players arrives.

Relatively short contracts that time up well with when the changing of the guard can occur with young players is the perfect strategy for sustained success. It’s not always easy. Many prospects will fizzle out. Some free agents will become busts.

Fortunately, this can be corrected by always being willing to buy yourself out of mistakes or at least constantly churning out quality players from the minor league system.