Mets stories we hope to see unfold in the 2023 season

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4) The Mets would break the franchise record for wins in a single season

The Mets haven't posted many 100-win-plus campaigns in a season. What's more, in addition to the 1986 season when they won 108 games, only three additional years have they managed to surpass the 100-game mark, 1969, 1988, and 2022.

It is quite fascinating that the year in which they were most dominant in their history is the one in which they have the highest winning record and coincides with the last title they achieved. That is to say, the relation between victories with the probability of reaching the championship is pretty accurate.

The Mets last year had an excellent run winning the second most games in their history thanks to their incredible hitting performances and great pitching staff. Not even that famous 2006 team could reach a record like this.

A motivating factor entering this 2023 is the team's desire to show that what happened at the end of last season will not be repeated. The front office has managed to assemble a good roster with players who already know the New York market and the division.

This means that if everything goes according to plan, we can have the best year in the history of the Mets managing to break the franchise win record and who knows if they crowning champions. This would be not only a goal but the dream of every fan of the team.

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