Mets stories we hope to see unfold in the 2023 season

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3) The first MVP award in Mets history

One of the players who has caused the greatest impact on the Mets has been Francisco Lindor. Since his arrival on the team in 2021, an atmosphere of cultural change and competitiveness has been felt.

Lindor represents the starter of the new era of Steve Cohen, a charismatic, versatile, and productive player in a premium position. The Puerto Rican-born perhaps did not have the best start with the team in 2021, posting the lowest numbers of his career in batting average and OPS+. However, in 2022 he had a rebound.

The adaptation of a player to the New York market can be difficult and slow, but Lindor has adjusted quite quickly. Last season was one of his most productive as a player, driving in over a hundred runs and finishing with a team-best 6.8 fWAR and sixth in the league.

Lindor is a great hitter and an excellent defensive player, top in his position. 2023 augurs better results for Lindor, with the opportunity to add more stolen bases to his record (thanks to the increase in the size of the bases).

Francisco Lindor has all the skills and talent to put on the best year of his career and win the MVP of the National League, something that no other Met has achieved in its history. Surprising for a team that had stars like Keith Hernandez, Darryl Strawberry, or Mike Piazza.