3 questions we'd ask Steve Cohen about the Mets if he was given truth serum

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2) Question for NY Mets owner Steve Cohen on truth serum: What are your thoughts on the Francisco Lindor contract?

We have Steve Cohen in a room. We need him to answer the hard stuff. The $341 million contract handed down to Francisco Lindor before he even played a game for the Mets is another ongoing discussion among fans. How does Cohen, the man who has to work a double shift in order to afford Lindor, feel about it?

A truly honest answer from Cohen would be that he definitely wishes they had waited. The Mets have shown they’re willing to move on from a player they traded for. They did so with Chris Bassitt. There is a line to draw and they would’ve done so if Lindor stunk in 2021 and didn’t have a deal in place.

Cohen would have had the opportunity to explore other shortstop options. Would any have been better? Corey Seager wasn’t all that great in 2022 but has reminded us of his star power this year with the Texas Rangers. The Mets could have kept Andres Gimenez and/or Amed Rosario and looked for an upgrade at another position.

If the movie True Lies is any indication of how people behave on truth serum, Cohen’s answer wouldn’t get too in-depth. It would end around the time of him pondering about those other directions the team could have gone. He can’t be happy with what Lindor has done this year or overall during his contract. The OPS numbers don’t lie.