To us he's "Uncle Steve," after 1 move, he became MLB's "Daddy"

Division Series - San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Three
Division Series - San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Three / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

New York Mets owner Steve Cohen has been referred to as “Uncle Steve” from day one by many fans. I think it’s because uncles tend to be the fun family member. They can get away with things your parents can’t.

Cohen has shown us his “uncle like abilities” throughout his year-plus as the owner of the club. Whether he’s ranting on Twitter out of disgust or cheering alongside the fans, Uncle Steve has lived up to the moniker.

After the Max Scherzer signing, Cohen made it clear to everyone who doubted him that he is more than just our uncle. To the rest of the league, he’s their daddy.

Mets owner Steve Cohen made a godfather offer to Max Scherzer and flexed his authority in the process

The club’s approach in year one under Cohen wasn’t to buy a championship. Sure, they made additions. They signed players to lofty deals.

The Mets didn’t, however, do anything so uniquely unexpected. As huge as the Francisco Lindor extension was, it doesn’t compare to what the record-breaking Scherzer contract does.

In signing Scherzer, Cohen showed the rest of the National League East just how serious the Mets are about winning right now. He sent a message to the rest of the league of Major League Baseball—specifically any of the West Coast teams believed to have the best shot to sign him. Knowing full well that Scherzer is a union guy and turning down the biggest AAV deal in MLB history wouldn’t be a good look right ahead of the lockout, Cohen allowed Billy Eppler and Sandy Alderson to read the paternity test results.

At that moment, we all found out the answer so many guests on Maury feared: Steve Cohen, you are the father!

The more Mets fans praise moves like this, the more they should happen

Cohen isn’t the kind of person who seems to shy away from the spotlight. He likes engaging with fans and like all of us, wants the accolades that come with success.

Because of how well-received this Scherzer deal is, I think that hit of dopamine Cohen receives each time he gets a “thank you” for it will linger in his head. He’ll constantly be chasing the next Scherzer. And while many will be misses, some will end up as hits.

It will take another full offseason for the Mets to fully build themselves up to look like the powerhouse club he was hoping to create. The Lindor trade kicked things off last offseason. The Scherzer signing brought it all to a brand new level.

Cohen may officially own the Mets right now. With moves like these, someone may need to update his Wikipedia page appropriately and let readers know he owns all of Major League Baseball.

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