3 ways Steve Cohen can flex his financial might this summer

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
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2) Mets owner Steve Cohen can flex his financial might by having no fear of designating players for assignment

The Mets are still paying Robinson Cano a lot of money this year even though he is now in the minor leagues and wearing SpongeBob uniforms. Would they do the same for someone else minus the Nickelodeon uniform punishment?

We have to believe there’s nothing Cohen wouldn’t do to win the 2022 championship. Even if it means paying someone to go away, there’s no price too high.

After saying farewell to Cano, the Mets don’t really have a major burden on their payroll or roster anymore. James McCann has the worst contract but his defensive abilities are valuable. Plus, he’s still a better hitter than Cano was showing earlier this year. He is not getting designated for assignment.

Trevor Williams is another candidate but he has pitched well enough as a starter and reliever. He’s also not making all that much money in terms of baseball salaries.

Even though there really isn’t a player who would fit this description, we could almost pair it with the idea of trading for a good player paired with a bad contracts. What’s to stop the Mets from trading for someone they need, taking on a bad contract in the process, and then DFA’ing the guy on the bad deal? It’s a two-for flex of financial might.