The Mets should steal more than David Stearns from the Brewers

Craig Counsell and David Stearns
Craig Counsell and David Stearns / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Not much big news came out of New York Mets owner Steve Cohen’s press conference. Fans hoping for heads to roll were left disappointed.

The biggest thing to come out of Cohen’s press conference was his desire to hire a president of baseball operations. Most people thought it would happen and Cohen confirmed it saying, “Maybe it will happen next year. At some point, it’s gonna happen.”

Not wanting to come off as rash, Cohen said, “Everyone wants a headline. Fire this person, fire that person. I don’t see that as a way to operate. If you want to attract good people to this organization, the worst thing you can be is impulsive. I know fans want something to happen but sometimes you can’t do it because you have long-term objectives”.

It sounds to me like Steve Cohen was talking to David Stearns.

Steve Cohen should hire David Stearns and Craig Counsell to run the Mets next year

Stearns was Cohen's target to run the team originally but the Brewers would not give the Mets permission to hire him in 2021. After his contract with the Brewers ends at the end of the year Stearns is free to come to the Mets.

If Stearns does end up running the Mets next year he is going to want to bring in his own guy to manage the team.

I have the perfect candidate.

The manager of his Brewers teams, Craig Counsell, will also be free to sign with another team after this year as his contract runs out as well.

Stearns and Counsell did well running the Brewers the last several years on a MUCH lower payroll than the Mets figure to have. They would be great candidates to lead the Mets in 2024.

2023 has been a hugely disappointing season so far. I do not expect Steve Cohen to remain patient if this season continues on the same path. Changes will be made.

David Stearns and Craig Counsell are the change the Mets need.