5 Mets starting pitcher trade candidates to revisit at the 2022 trade deadline

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If the Sonny Gray trade doesn’t work out for the Twins, expect them to flip him again

Sonny Gray is the oldest and for many Mets fans the least appealing of the names on this list. I left him for last. It’s like when you eat a delicious meal then find out the only thing available for dessert is fruit.

Gray has a long track record in the big leagues. Even so, you don’t really know what you’ll get from him.

More slightly above average than anything at least at this point of his career, Gray’s contract is only guaranteed through this season with a $12 million team option for 2023. It’s not a bad contract at all for a pitcher-needy team to explore if he becomes available again. Most likely, the Mets would waive the team option and see what else is available in free agency even if it did ultimately lead back to a reunion with Gray.

What might be most unappealing about Gray to the Mets in a midseason trade scenario is his age. If starting pitching becomes a major need, they might feel more inclined to target a younger arm they know can stay healthy. The club already has some older arms. Adding one more with as many miles on it as his does might turn the deadline addition into a deadline dud of a move.

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