Mets starting pitcher trio numbers weren’t pretty this weekend

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves / Adam Hagy/GettyImages

All of the problems shown by the New York Mets this weekend don’t fall on the three starting pitchers. However, when the team puts Jacob deGrom, Max Scherzer, and Chris Bassitt on the mound in three straight, they are going to need far more than what they did receive.

Heading into the series against the Atlanta Braves, we might have predicted a combined 20 innings, 15 hits, 5 earned runs, and maybe a pair of home runs. It wasn’t that good. Not even close. This is what those three did:

We can only hope the Mets starting pitchers got the bad out of the way now

Better now than in the postseason, am I right? The problem is, these bad performances make it quite possible that the Mets end up having to play in the wild card round. Perhaps worse, maybe one or all three of these arms are trending in the wrong direction.

Pitchers can have a bad outing and bounce back quickly. And if anyone would be capable of doing so, we’d have to imagine deGrom and Scherzer are two very capable.

With deGrom, he has had a couple of curious starts in a row now. Scherzer is the one we should be the least concerned about while the lone worry with Bassitt might be a lack of experience pitching in games of this importance. Even so, he has been someone we could trust all regular season-long.

What stands out most from these poor numbers are the six home runs allowed. The Braves have made a habit out of hitting home runs all year long. It is one of their best qualities. Some people have nice eyebrows. Others are generous with their money. The Braves hit dingers.

When the competition is permanently heightened in the playoffs, the Mets are bound to run into teams with as fantastic of lineups as the Braves. The big problem here is that when the pitchers aren’t tossing gems, the hitters are failing to show up at the same level.

The Mets are too see-through at the moment. Their problems have lingering all year. No one has adjusted. No problems have been correctly fixed.

If the top three starters are going to perform like this and no one is going to help out, Octobers are going to be baseball free for many Mets fans.

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