New Year Resolutions for the Mets starting pitchers for 2022

Jacob deGrom is hoping for better health in 2022.
Jacob deGrom is hoping for better health in 2022. / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Tylor Megill
Tylor Megill throws a pitch against the Atlanta Braves. / Adam Hagy/GettyImages

Tylor Megill

2022 Resolution: Build up arm endurance to handle the grind

Just call Tylor Megill "Taijuan Walker, part two," because both their seasons were incredibly similar.

Megill was a mostly unknown prospect who was drafted by the Mets in the eighth round. Because of the minor league season being axed in 2020, Megill only had one full minor league season under his belt when he got called up by the Mets because of the injuries the team faced. When he first arrived on the scene, Megill was a welcome sigh of relief: He provided the Mets with solid work in his first several starts, which earned him the right to remain in the Mets rotation even when some of the Mets starters returned from the IL.

Tylor Megill showed promise and potential in 2021, but he needs to build up his arm strength so he can handle the grind of the major leagues.

However, because of Megill’s lack of professional experience, he was ill-equipped to handle a major league workload. Eventually, this lack of experience showed in his starts later on in the year, when he was still needed to eat innings for the Mets. In an ideal scenario, Megill would start the 2022 season in Triple-A, to accumulate the much-needed experience that the Covid-19 pandemic and the Mets injury woes deprived him of.

Regardless of whether he is on the Mets Opening Day roster or not, Megill will probably start for the Mets again at some point during the 2022 season. With that being the case, Megill needs to continue to build up his arm endurance so he can pitch more innings for them, in case he is needed. Given the Mets lack of serendipity with injuries, Megill will probably take the mound at Citi Field more times than the team would prefer.

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