Midseason grades for the Mets starting pitchers

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NY Mets midseason grade for Chris Bassitt: B

Chris Bassitt finished the first half of his season with the Mets with a 7-6 record in 17 starts. The staff’s bulldog led the team in innings with 102 of them. He gets a nice solid B for his first half performance.

It’s Bassitt’s 3.79 ERA that might have a few fans concerned. He hasn’t been quite as good as the Mets have needed him to be. A quality starter for sure, he has felt more like a number four starter than the three many of us expected him to be.

Staying on the field has been the greatest gift he has given the Mets. Only a recent trip to the COVID-IL stopped him from racking up even more frames. He’ll be someone we can look to improve in the second half.

NY Mets midseason grade for Trevor Williams: B

Although not quite a full-time starter, Trevor Williams did make 8 starts for the Mets in the first half to go along with a couple of relief appearances, too. The swingman on the staff capable of giving them a couple innings at the start one week and a few more as a reliever the next has been an incredibly valuable asset to the Mets.

We can’t give him anything more than a B, though. It’s still a fine grade for a role-player. If we graded him any higher, his spot in the rotation would be secured.

Nonetheless, Williams' success this year has been essential to keeping the Mets in first place. They can turn to him in most situations. Now 2-5 with a 3.56 ERA at the break, we can only hope he has a complete repeat in the second half but maybe with more appearances in relief with the return of Jacob deGrom.