Midseason grades for the Mets starting pitchers

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The New York Mets have made it to the All-Star Break without Jacob deGrom. Hopefully, he’ll be back and won’t get an absentee grade in the second half at any point.

The first half was a bit strange for the Mets starting pitchers. They looked brilliant at times. On other days, it wasn’t so much the case. Overall, it’s hard to be anything but satisfied with the performance especially in the face of so many injuries.

At the unofficial halfway mark of the season, it’s time to hand out some midseason grades. Red pens are necessary even with some very good grades awarded to the starting pitchers the Mets have used regularly this season.

NY Mets midseason grade for Max Scherzer: A+

The season couldn’t have gone much better for Max Scherzer. The only thing stopping him from being in the Cy Young race is the time he missed. Fortunately, when on the field, he has been real and spectacular!

Scherzer made 11 starts for the Mets in the first half on his way to going 6-1 with a 2.22 ERA. He was clearly a smart buy for the Mets. It’s still a little hard to believe he is a member of this team, maybe because he did miss some significant time.

Now back on the field, his A+ season should only continue. His presence is a culture shock in the best way possible for this ball club. There is no nonsense with the 2022 Mets. Scherzer just being there is one of the reasons for it.