The sluggers we wish the Mets signed this offseason and why they didn't get a deal done

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2) J.D. Martinez is a better fit for the NY Mets than Daniel Vogelbach

J.D. Martinez was a far more realistic right-handed DH candidate for the Mets to sign this offseason. He ended up going to the Los Angeles Dodgers on a one-year deal worth $10 million. It’s a bit of a “prove it” or “I still got it” deal for Martinez who battled through some back issues last year. I get it, J.D. Gravity is a killer the older you get.

Certainly affordable, some of the same reasons why the Mets didn’t sign him are the same as why they didn’t land Abreu.

Why the Mets didn’t sign him

Martinez was never going to a team where he’d have to share DH duties. Exclusive to this role, he may have had some doubts even if promised to get the majority of at-bats. The moment he struggles, the Mets would turn to Vogelbach for some help. Taking Vogey out of the picture could have made it more realistic. However, the idea of paying Vogelbach $1.5 million this year and pairing him with any righty that can play the field feels like a much smarter financial decision.

The injury concerns which had the Mets balking at trading for Martinez last summer likely stayed front of mind for them this offseason. The Mets had to remove doubts from this spot in the lineup. While they remain present, adding Martinez would have brought some others.