The sluggers we wish the Mets signed this offseason and why they didn't get a deal done

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The New York Mets might not have any official single designated right-handed DH this season. In fact, if we look back at last year, Darin Ruf was the guy who often replaced Daniel Vogelbach in the lineup, but not so much at the DH spot. Through the misery, he started 5 games at DH, 6 at first base, and another 4 in right field.

Most ball clubs don’t actually have a singular DH, instead opting to rotate players. This will probably be the plan for the Mets whenever they do face a lefty pitcher. Vogelbach will sit. Tommy Pham will enter the game in some capacity.

What about those righty DH targets we all dreamed about in the past? After getting knocked from the postseason in one-hit shutout, fans were eager to see some big changes at the DH spot. The team never did add one of the major right-handed DH options. There are a couple of reasons for it specific to the player.

1) The dream NY Mets addition to be the DH was Jose Abreu

The idea of Jose Abreu hitting behind Pete Alonso in the Mets starting lineup is enough to make us drool even on the driest of winter evenings. He’s an RBI machine. Anything Pete doesn’t clean up, Abreu is sure to bring a mop and knock in

Adding Abreu would have been a huge power move for the Mets and a signaling of a vast improvement to the lineup. Unfortunately, he wasn’t such a realistic option when we look back at what happened.

Why the Mets didn’t sign him

Abreu ended up with a three-year deal worth $58.5 million to land with the Houston Astros. He might have a little more say with them as to when he does play first base and when he gets to DH. This wouldn’t have been the case with the Mets. On their roster, Abreu and Alonso need to swap spots regularly.

There was never a shot Abreu would land with the Mets to be the right-handed DH only. It would have meant the end of Vogelbach, which would have been worth it anyway.

With other priorities staring them in the face, it was a good decision in retrospect although that bat in this lineup would have been sweet.